Owl and Pussycat Centre  -
The Owl & Pussy Cat Centre is a unique and extraordinary opportunity for people to embrace and connect with animals, other people and nature.  Set within a profoundly beautiful 30 acre historic wood and parkland environment The Owl and Pussycat Centre is a pioneering and visionary social enterprise which currently operates as a not for profit company, based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. (We are in the process of applying for charitable status)
Through the use of groundbreaking animal assisted therapy programmes, woodland Owl and Hawk Walks, a revolutionary volunteering program, a multilevel apprenticeship project and a community mentoring service, those visiting the centre are given the necessary tools and resources to assist, support and facilitate real and lasting change within a person’s life. 
Whether visiting for a day a week or longer, everyone is offered the exciting possibility to further develop their self awareness and personal development skills. Enabling all involved to take full personal responsibility for their life.  By using animals in our programs and with our young volunteers we are achieving amazing results. 

We use education and training methods that have reflective learning, mirroring and 'one to one' work at its core, evidence shows change is possible for each participant. 
Additionally we have an outreach programme which focuses on visiting Care Homes for the Elderly and those with special needs including Mental Health resources with our birds of prey, including Eral and Hedwig the Harry Potter Owl's. We also visit Schools with our birds and providing a valuable educational input for all involved.
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